Sneak Peak: New Earring Design

Earrings…they haunt me in my sleep.  Actually, a lot of crochet and sewing designs plague my dreams.  It can be a good thing but mainly it just keeps me from sleeping.

This particular pair of earrings came to me after I finished a few bracelets.  I wanted to have something that could be worn with the bracelets, as a set, or stand alone by themselves.  I think these earrings fulfill both purposes.

My next goal, in my quest to conquer wire, will be a really cute crochet necklace and crochet choker.  I already have the designs in mind, I just need to find time to actually create them.

Let me know what you guys think of the earrings.  Leave a message below or leave a comment on my Facebook page.  I plan to have the earrings up for sale on Zo-Zo’s Space later this week!

Earrings Collage


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