Poll: Crochet Choker Necklace

Good evening, all!

I’ve spent the day working on a new pattern.  I absolutely LOVE it (I say that a lot) but I’m torn over whether I should offer these particular necklaces for sale on Zo-Zo’s Space.  I decided to create a poll to garner your input on Choker Necklaces.  If you would be so kind as to check whichever box describes your affinity or dislike of Choker Necklace I would very much appreciate the input.

A little about the Crochet Choker Necklaces:

  • They are very lightweight.
  • They are not excessively tight and have some stretch to them.
  • They measure approximately 14″ (with some wiggle room).
  • They will come in multiple colors/shades.
  • Some will have antique bronze and sterling silver chains threaded through them.
  • Some will have a dangle in them in center front.

Ok.  Not trying to tease you (I have no pictures to share as of yet) but I would very much like your input.  That’s all!  Thanks guys.  The poll is located below.


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