New Crochet Earrings and Crochet Necklace

I was able to get four new listings posted to Zo-Zo’s Space yesterday!  I LOVE this new hoop style.  It is an Erica K. original.  I made a pair of earrings for myself in this particular style and I’ve been wearing them every day for the past week singing,

♫ I feel pretty, oh so pretty…♫

I have begun working on the Auburn/War Eagle earring and necklace replacements.  I should have all of those up and ready to go by the weekend.

Leave a comment below or on Facebook and let me know what you guys think!

Collage Golden Honey Hoops 40mm Collage Houndstooth Globe Dangle Earrings Collage Houndstooth Necklace Collage Onyx Black Hoops 40mm


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