Concerning the Blue and Orange Crochet Earrings and Crochet Necklaces

It has been brought to my attention by a dear friend that the Blue color for the Auburn Crochet Earrings and Crochet Necklaces are not the correct shade of blue.  I should mention here that different shades of colors and I have not mixed well in the past.  I have difficulty differentiating between and describing different shades of the same color.  It is actually comical in a very pathetic sort of way.  I’m trying to get better but I have a ways to go!

Navy yarn has been ordered and the listings will be updated in about two weeks.  The yarn needs to be thoroughly aired out before I can actually use it and it usually take about two weeks (minimum).

The color of the yarn in the pictures (“War Eagle” Crochet Earrings and Crochet Necklaces) is closer to a Midnight/Mediterranean Blue…that’s what Google says, at least.  😉  Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Concerning the Blue and Orange Crochet Earrings and Crochet Necklaces

  1. Don’t feel bad…..I started making an “Auburn” purse and kept asking my husband if the colors were right. I didn’t think so but continue making the purse. I had a friend come over and l asked her and she said it looked like a Florida gator purse. Keep the earrings, take the tiger off, put a gator on it and you will be good to go! Laugh darling!!!

    • I hadn’t thought about putting a gator on it….probably because I’m not familiar with Florida’s colors. I will look into Gators! Thanks for the idea! I was going to turn them into something, already had a list of possibilities started! …and it is pretty funny. I need a color card.

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