My First Video on Youtube!

In my past life as a Realtor, I made a few videos for Youtube*.  It was very stressful and I thought, “Quoth the Raven….No.”  Okay, I paraphrased there a bit.

My Mother (my Mother is my biggest fan and she pushes me like no one else) has been pushing me to get small clips of my work onto Youtube.  Actually, she’s been pushing me to do a few tutorials.  The latter is not going to happen for a very long time.  I’m perfectly content with my blog and Facebook, I will keep the country twang that is my voice to myself for now.  As for short videos of my work, I had no idea how to accomplish this; enter my husband.  He reminded me about Animoto.  How could I forget about Animoto?

With the help of Animoto and PicMonkey, I decided to go ahead a put a little video together.  It wasn’t nearly as painful as I remembered it to be and I really like the end product.  I don’t know if this will be a business builder or just something to do for fun (it definitely was fun), only time will tell.  Let me know what you guys think below, leave a comment on Youtube or on Facebook!

**The videos are no longer on Youtube, by the way…for those of you who decide to look.


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